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Going digital

I understand the transformation effecting your industry today, the emergence of a multiplicity of social media networks, e-readers and mobile platforms are enabling new opportunities to build customer relationships and monetise content.

A digital publication can be more than a simple point of information, it can be used to entice your potential customers onto your website, or be used as a direct portal for sales.

I can provide files and content in all industry formats: ePub, MOBI, Kindle (AZW, KF8), .Folio, iBooks Author & PDF. I can also provide conversions from InDesign to iBooks Author.

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Business benefits

There’s a cheaper alternative to expensive printed brochures. You no longer have to bear the cost of printing, shipping and posting your company literature. Electronic formats are quicker and more efficient way of targeting your valued customers. A visually attractive document makes a lasting impression on both your existing and potential customers.

Reprint costs are also substantially lower and if you need to update any information or resend to more people, this can be done at a lower financial cost than ordering a further print run for a printed brochure.

By adding video and animation you can enhance and enrich the reader’s experience. A digital publication can also be tied into your companies online web site.

What digital publishing offers

Go green

Creating your company literature in an electronic format is a greener way of promoting your business. With less printing and shipping needed, your companies impact on the environment is reduced to maintain a guilt free eco strategy.

Web design

Designed for business

A website should not be an afterthought of marketing strategy – instead it should be seen as a primary asset. One that can bring new custom to your door and help it’s users to make a value judgement when trusting your company.

As a business you would want a website that not only looks fantastic, but also meets the needs of your target audience. I can help you achieve this, by creating a site that provides the neccessary wow factor while not falling short on performance.

The internet is the most important vehicle for a business to promote and sell itself. If you have a website that is badly planned and designed, then you are giving your competitors an advantage over you before you even start.

As a designer I choose not to produce websites from templates – the product I offer is unique and bespoke. I outsource everything I can't do myself, that allows me to concentrate on all the important stuff like design and front-end development.

Even though I don't offer SEO services as such, I ensure good SEO practices are hard-coded into all my websites.